About Us

Pioneers of printing machines, plastic recycling lines, plastic injection molding machines, plastic blowing machines, plastic molding machines, printing supplies, importers for offset printing machines, wire screen machines, printing Tambo machines

We are agents of major international companies specialized in manufacturing production lines of plastic, printing, and packaging.

We have been in the Egyptian market since 1999 and in the Arab and African markets since 2007.

We have supplied and implemented many plastic production lines in Egypt and the Arab countries according to the latest technological methods and international standards and safety systems under the supervision of a distinguished elite of qualified trained engineers and specialists in this field.


  • Providing the latest distinguished production lines with international specifications
  • Providing all solutions for production lines
  • Developing production lines of plastic, printing and packaging in Egypt factories


Spreading in the Egyptian market and gaining the trust of the client by providing all the assistance and information for the success of projects with 25 years’ experience in the field

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